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Middle East Ideal House Exhibition

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Erbil International Fair Ground

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Iraq is one of the strategic and important countries in the Middle East. After the end of the periods of wars and crises with ISIS; along with the formation of the new government, now it's the right time to open the door for trade and investment opportunities for producers, manufacturers and traders along with opening new horizons to let Iraq be back to the international market again. For that, after along studies and researches, we decided to have this huge event "Middle East Ideal House & Furniture Exhibition on 20th till 24th of February 2019", for the first time in the country! Right! there were couple more events and gatherings in Iraq before, that concern about Furniture, but this one is the FIRST of its kind in the whole country. Which will include more than 400 producers, distributors and vendors from various regional and international countries as well as local ones, and we're expecting more than 50,000 visitors from all over the Middle East at five days of the exhibition.

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